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Clwb 1907 Club - Prize Draw

The 1907 Club is a Prize Draw exclusively for members with a view to raising some funds for the Club and giving members the opportunity to win cash prizes on a monthly basis.

Members can subscribe for up to 10 numbers each month at £1 each. A standing order needs to be set up for payment on the 1st of each month for the number of chances subscribed for. Individual numbers will be issued, for instance if you decide on the maximum 10 chances each month, your numbers may be 101 to 110 inclusive.

Before then end of each month, once all the subscriptions are checked, a prize draw will take place by a computer randomly generating numbers within the lowest and highest number range subscribed for.

The amount and make up of the cash prizes will be determined by the numbers subscribed for. For each £1 subscribed, 50p will go into the prize fund, 30p will go towards club funds and 20p will account for the administration in running the scheme.

The accumulated fund will be utilised each year for the benefit of the Club. The Treasurer and Chairs of Greens and House will be asked to submit an idea for the use of the funds, and the members who subscribe in the last draw before the year end will vote on the options. Each member will have an equal number of votes in relation to the numbers subscribed for eg if a member subscribes for 1 number they get one vote, if they subscribe for 5 numbers they get 5 votes and so on.

All participating members will be advised monthly by email of the amount received, and the winning numbers and their owners.

The prize draw will be administered by Llyn Consulting for and on behalf of Abersoch Golf Club.

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